الخميس، 9 يونيو 2011

Arts authoring and write ... How to write a subject that draws the audience???? Listen

Praise be to God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and after:
Many other bloggers find it very difficult to form a particular subject, although it may be a master of this subject, but the method of drafting and arrangement of the subject as not to attract publicThere are steps in the authorship of any subject if I promise to be a sponsor of your moving and your posts and your articles featuredOarni your attention ....The first ruleTo a career writing and writing is to choose the topic and this will only be achieved these things:

First: do not write it but were ableThe measure of being able to do one of two things:Either to be read in this particular thing at least 50 booksOr you can lecture for an hour on this topic without preparationSecond: There should be a reason to write your articles or your books or your postsThe reason one of these three reasonsEither a gap in this subject will mean something unique of its kind in the field or did not speak when aOr that someone introduced the topic, such as your subject but the presentation was bad Vtsig you are the subject of a new dress in a polished and in goodOr to write in a live issue, such as the question of Palestine for example, or any issue of us down and in realityThird: Set your goals from behind your subject or your book or essayObjectives and one of these four:Either the delivery of information or the development of skills and convictions of either change or influence the behaviorsIV: Collect references from 50 to 70 reference from the references that relate to your topicI'll leave so much to meet tomorrow at the same time another subject, God willingGreetings My Content Code codification and codification of Proficiency from A to Z

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