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الخميس، 9 يونيو 2011

Arts authoring and write ... How to write a subject that draws the audience???? Listen

Praise be to God, prayer and peace upon the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and after:
Many other bloggers find it very difficult to form a particular subject, although it may be a master of this subject, but the method of drafting and arrangement of the subject as not to attract publicThere are steps in the authorship of any subject if I promise to be a sponsor of your moving and your posts and your articles featuredOarni your attention ....The first ruleTo a career writing and writing is to choose the topic and this will only be achieved these things:

First: do not write it but were ableThe measure of being able to do one of two things:Either to be read in this particular thing at least 50 booksOr you can lecture for an hour on this topic without preparationSecond: There should be a reason to write your articles or your books or your postsThe reason one of these three reasonsEither a gap in this subject will mean something unique of its kind in the field or did not speak when aOr that someone introduced the topic, such as your subject but the presentation was bad Vtsig you are the subject of a new dress in a polished and in goodOr to write in a live issue, such as the question of Palestine for example, or any issue of us down and in realityThird: Set your goals from behind your subject or your book or essayObjectives and one of these four:Either the delivery of information or the development of skills and convictions of either change or influence the behaviorsIV: Collect references from 50 to 70 reference from the references that relate to your topicI'll leave so much to meet tomorrow at the same time another subject, God willingGreetings My Content Code codification and codification of Proficiency from A to Z

Profit from blogging fact or fiction?? and practical ways to profit Listen

Profit from blogging fact or fiction?? And practical ways to profit

Peace, mercy and blessings of God:Friends my blogCan we actually profit from blogging?? There are people who say they earn from their blogs, is this true??If it is true, then how does not win??Does Adsense ads are the only breadwinner of the profit??Forget all these questions and start with me Subject:Did you know that the profit from blogging is easy. I know you have heard these words hundreds of times but to Aterbh, but this time it is differentOarni your attention and hear what I say:Those who profit from their blogs did not win in overnight, but they worked hard in their blogs and this condition for the profit you want to profit without work, I advise you to give
Area for someone else, but I know that many are already tired on his blog, however, is does not makeWhat is the solution if it is a secret profit for this class??My friend must be well aware that there is no such thing as secret in the world of the Internet, but is the expertise and efforts, no more, which lets you stand out from the rest of the bloggers who do not earn your mind is, yes Sign your thoughts in blog industry seriously and will see the resultsI know you may have read many things for a profit of blogging and did not find any benefit because the more who speak for a profit now of blogging in order to promote their ideas are winning, they know that all non-profit and come out here in this uniform, under the guise of <advising the Secretary> They are in really want to profit from these words from the womb of my LordBut you see the chaos on the Internet is about profit from blogging, however Achwy to you and guide you way GalilaI will mention you on this topic, I promise things that sponsor profit, God willing, and remember that if the sponsor does not take into account not blame me or blame the problem you have GeryFirst: we must be content blog exclusive, distinctive and know that this is the foundation for the success of any blog, but Featured content differs for each person to see the show here and profitability differences between the blogger and the otherSecond: You must show your blog through search engines such as Google and we all know how difficult this is to become of the first results of the search engine in the words of the competition as big as a blog for example, or any single word is relatively difficult but not impossibleBut you can rely on the words of long research and where the content of your blog, this should work for it, seriouslyThird: Sign advertising to exchange with other blogs, thank God, our blog gives you thatIV: Display your ads with Google AdWord and do not rush Profit Pay and earn moreFifth: The ads are not the only way to earn from your blog, you can shop for any product you want and sell them through forums such as books and CDs with educational and many things up and move and you will win and Serdik God Almighty, who promised to His slaves sustenance said Gelaualla <There is no moving creature on earth but on Allah is the sustenance He knows its dwelling place and its repository> do cutecunt diligently on your blog, and trust in God in the issue of profitHe said the air filled <determined, then put your trust in Allah: for Allah loves those who trust>VI: interested in topics which provide benefit to the visitors so that he feels happy and you feel safe in your blog, you already would like to helpDo you know that I personally may enter the codes and I feel truth through the words of blogger get up clicking on the ads in the Code deliberately because I want to respond to his beautiful has advised me, even if the word is here when you're presented topics for meaningful and avoid refined and transferee and the other is no doubt that the visitor back to you again and is willing to click on adsAnd avoid the programs that force the visitor to click on the ad, it will not enter you again, people naturally do not like those who want to underestimate theirI hope that I have benefited Ovdtk If you reallyWhat's your comment, write me your comment pushed me and drives me in front of moreGreetings with a blog and My Content codification of Proficiency Art Blogging from AZ

Raise the price of keystrokes Adsense Adsense legitimately, legally and achieved higher profits from your blog

Peace, mercy and blessings of God:adsenseHow do you achieve a reasonable profit from your blog I would not say hundreds of dollars and things like this but it is a reasonable profit as much effort in the Code

And I will summarize the topic in several steps, and I hope that your attention well TarnyThe first step: You must be a good blog content, new and needs of all visitors to get into the always on your own blogStep Two: After achieving good content of the Code must first create threads first so as to increase the number of visitors to your blogStep Three: Google ads are a source of profit for Mdonato in order to achieve a reasonable profit from your blog
Must take account of these things:First: Place ads must be clear to visitorsII: Colors of the Declaration must be rather quiet and do not feel like you are visiting provocation says the visitor Click me to this Declaration in order to win and so as not to alienate from the blog ads, blog, profileIII: Text ads, price pressure is higher than the ads with picturesFourth: The repetition of the same ad on the page reduces the price pressure it so do your ads so let them diversification dummy and only text-only and sham and a text together and all that by clicking on the Edit adsenseStep Four: AdSense ads are set <adsense> Log in to your account and select the Setup adsenseThen select the Ad Review Center and follow the following image for clarification Sign in doing what is

To this amount just today and tomorrow, complete with a new secret of the secrets of style_emoticons profitTO BE CONTINUEKEEP IN TOUCHGreetings family and My Content Code codification of Proficiency Art Blogging from AZ

How to write an article on your blog successful, attracting visitors and readers Listen

Peace be upon you my blog friendsI wondered with some Arab bloggers for problems that do not make them continue to write their topics were the main problem is the loss of the Queen in the Queen writing a literary topic of how to1. The idea of ​​the same subject2. How to express words of the literary style attracts the reading for the first time3. Order article in a coordinated manner4. Mode images of the subjectAnd we will talk about these points in some detailI.For the idea of ​​the same subjectMust be your blog especially something specific you speak with him <Specialty> do not make them talk about everything because it is through specialization forums can specify the objectives of your subject so you can be inspired idea of ​​your subject from anything around you so you can to make up your topic of the Declaration, for example you see "Yes, the fact that" may see the declaration, for example, television and travel around in your head the idea on the subject in the specialty of your blog may happen to you stand in the street devise an example of him a certain and therefore the idea of ​​an exclamation point your readers, do not let yourself never without to reflect on what is going on around you Views This is an experienced and very useful and is used by bloggers Professionals, too, must be with you always Pocket Calendar Everything that's on your mind Sign noted in this diary and all Yumin, or on your ability to browse by what I wrote during this period, and format your topic. I think you may suffer from that is going on in Joatrk nice things, but quickly evaporate therefore is not for you always Notepad to write your thoughts go.For example, I will put you in the picture below and write me in comments how to make it a subject or idea from your mind, which took place during this picture

Put your proposal in comments to the topic
I think you understand how established the idea itselfFollowed tomorrow ...Together to discuss the other points to write a successful blogGreetings Tdwinyomqalaty of Proficiency Art Blogging

How to start blogging, non-traditional

Peace, mercy and blessings of God:And Welcome once again with the theme of new leaves turn together about this great art which is blogging.How to start blogging??? Question we find a lot of beginners bloggingBut can not find an answer heal Glèlè liquid, and bringeth a way ...

Technical fourth to publicize your blog or website

Peace to you:And Welcome to IV of the technical disclosure of techniques blog or website
And of course the goal of these techniques is the declaration of the four access code and your articles to people
Through the search engine who are looking through it.
This technique I think it's the best technologies are tired, but the find of interest and fruit
Including the desired

The third technique for disclosure of your blog or website

Peace, mercy and blessings of God:And Welcome once again with the third technical of the four techniques to publicize your blogI warn that this technique the most important techniques that help you to get the best rankings in search engines such as Google

Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers forget them or overlooked in the sense HealthierImpressed by this technique to it before you are always in the blogs, but few of the places named in the accountYes exactly that template HTML, which you find in the Control Panel Code written in this format Edit Template HTML